Survival Under Atomic attack

The selected footage is from places that are once destroyed in wars; some of those are lost forever. The places one cannot return to unless to their memories or mediations.

video projection on fabric – details of the work

We experience a place not only at its actual/physical site but also through our memories, and mediations of the mediums such as film, photography, painting, books, etc. Specifically, each medium reduces and simultaneously adds new strata of meaning to the history and memories of a place. Moving-image as a composite medium potentially can give birth to new places embodied within the tactility of the medium itself, the screen and projector, as well.

In this piece, I recycled the video’s still images, using a printer and a scanner for ten runs. The video finds a certain aura due to degeneration technique, bears the grain of degradation and loss when the images are rematerialized between the digital and print format. Here we are the witnesses to the dying image of these lost places. New memories are invested, all of which add potentially to the history and meaning of the place too.

2017 © Maryam Muliaee