Off The Path (I)

During cinematic history, experimental filmmakers pioneered a direct approach to the materiality of the film’s image in order to attack the expected meaning of the source image. Today, by using technologies such as printers and scanners designed and marketed for reproducing, archiving, and sharing, consumers eliminate the image’s original intended message.

still from the video

In this piece, by recycling the still images of the video using a printer and a scanner respectively, I aimed to disrupt the transparency of the filmic medium. The affective textures in the recycled piece plays the role of a face on the screen like an affection-image in a Deleuzian sense. The poor image becomes tactile, sensory and haptic and finds new and different aesthetics and values.

This piece was on view in the exhibition MAKE.MEDIA.MATTER in Nov 2018 at UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo.

© Maryam Muliaee 2018