In this House

I was invited to make a piece that encouraged audience activation with live performance (by Naila Ansari) happening in the exhibition opening (Jan 17th, 2020) for Heather Hart’s work, a life-size rooftop construction, at Albright-Knox Art Gallery. 

In this piece, I also wanted to bring the process of architecture’s construction to experience for the audience. The locative effectively enforces the idea of place/space as progressive and helps the audience play an active role in the art “viewing” process. I designed four stories to be viewed in four spots around the four corners of Hart’s rooftop, around the themes such as insideness/outsideness. Each story (a combination of digital video, text, image, and sound) was embedded in four QRcode labels, printed and installed on four sign holders standing in four specific spots around Hart’s rooftop for visitors’ access, similar to four pieces of a puzzle. The audience was invited to follow a cycle based on the signs. Scanning each QRcode with the camera app on their phones, the audience sees four different stories that engage the rooftop before its completion when Naila was rehearsing her performance in the same spot.