In This House

I was invited to make a locative media design that would encourage audience interactions with the live performance of Buffalo-

Embodied Landscape

In the absence of things, our imagination is provoked; the mind fills the gap and void with new, different versions of the van

The Price of Oil

The Price of Oil (2019) is a 20-min experimental animation that recycles materials from both digital and print archives. As an

Exaptation (I)

In this piece, the film is rematerialized and reworked to challenge the illusion of continuous motion. The clip is chosen from

Exaptation (II)

Exaptation (II) uses generative tools (printer/scanner) and coding to create fictional landscapes through unrepeatable glitch.

Off The Path (I)

During cinematic history, experimental filmmakers pioneered a direct approach to the materiality of the film’s image in orde

Survival Under Atomic attack

The selected footage is from places that are once destroyed in wars; some of those are lost forever. The places one cannot ret


    credits: Maryam Muliaee, Mani Mehrvarz on view at Center For The Arts, University at Buffalo, Nov 2017

Recycled Tehran

In this piece, I reworked a video from home with the use of printer/scanner. The recycled images gradually lose their quality

A Transgressive Space

sound installation & video projection (2016) “Boundaries: Transmission & Transmutation” Exhibition at Cent


paper-made objects, video projection Naprzecziw Galeria, Poznan, Poland In this installation, set up at Naprzecziw Galeria in