Embodied Landscape – interactive

interactive website Click on the stones and listen  

In This House

I was invited to make a locative media design that would encourage audience interactions with the live performance of Buffalo-

Off The Path (II)

This video installation consists of a black wooden box with five embedded small magnifying loupes that are used to see small d


    credits: Maryam Muliaee, Mani Mehrvarz on view at Center For The Arts, University at Buffalo, Nov 2017

Re-making History

This video piece was exhibited/screened at Dzyga Gallery, at Lwow, as part of the exhibition “Not I / Nie Ja” (201

Sonic Eraser

Sonic Eraser was a web-based application (Processing) that allowed users to digitally scar on the canvas of the Google Street

Forget or Forgive

installation, shadow/light projection, drawing (2014) MWBA Galeria, Leszno  © Maryam Muliaee 2019

Mapping Home

In this project, I reworked the images/drawings of twelve lost places in Tehran. I can never visit these buildings again where

A Room For My Mother

installation, shadow/light projection, drawing group exhibition “NOT I / NIE JA” BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Kat

Heterotopia Practice

light projection & drawing — My drawings are some appropriations of the Lawrence Weiner’s piece in Open Air Pa


installation, drawing-sculpture (2013) Naprzecziw Galeria, Poznan © Maryam Muliaee 2019


installation, sculpture, drawing (2013) Intermedia Galeria, Poznan  


paper-made objects, video projection Naprzecziw Galeria, Poznan, Poland In this installation, set up at Naprzecziw Galeria in

Hotel Insomnia

installation, drawing-sculpture (2013) Historical Hotel Bazar, Poznan © Maryam Muliaee 2019  

Painting/Drawing/Illustration (2004-2010)

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