Book Chapters:

“Media-as-things: A nonhistorical Nostalgia Through Failure.” co-authored with Mani Mehrvarz, in Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia, edited By Ryan Lizardi, Peter Lang Publishing, (2019): 167-188.

“Fai(lure): Encounter with the unstable medium in the work of art.” co-authored with Mani Mehrvarz, in Miscommunication: Errors, Mistakes, and the Media, edited by Timothy Barker and Maria Korolkova, Bloomsbury Publishing (forthcoming 2020). 


Peer-reviewed articles:

“Crossing a Productive Melancholia in Artistic Work Based on Xerography.” Ekphrasis, 21.1 (2019): 82-92.


Conference Papers: 

“Media Archaeological Time Machines: A Review of the Artists’ Work,” conference paper presented at 26th Annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference: [pl.]: Exploring the Multiple, March 2018, Binghamton University


Thesis Chapters:

“Heterotopia and Absence Intersections in Art Practice”, MA thesis in Intermedia Arts, University of Arts in Poznan (2014)

“Mobile Art of Gypsies’ Caravans”, MA thesis in Fine Arts, University of Tehran (2010)


Selected presentations and invited talks:

“Off-the-path: Unfolding Urban Imaginaries Through Xerography” presented at SMRN workshop with Laura U. Marks at Squeaky Wheel Media Art Center, Feb 2019, Buffalo, New York.

“Gypsies’ Enigma: The Photographic Work by Joseph Koudelka, Andrei Aciobanitei, and Tamas Revesz” presented at the University of Arts in Poznan (2013)

“Romani’s Art and Culture in Eastern Europe” presented at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Tehran (2010)

“Visual Semiotics in the Cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky” presented at Tehran Morakab-Siah Art Institute (2010)


Selected work/exhibition reviews and catalogs: 

“Not I / Nie Ja” Catalogue for International Exhibition of Contemporary Art at Municipal Gallery of Contemporary, Art BWA, Katowice, 2014 (pl/eng)