Edited series:

Muliaee, Maryam, and Mani Mehrvarz, eds. “Mapping Media Studies,” MAST: The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory, vol. 1, no. 1, April 2020.

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters:

Muliaee, Maryam, and Mani Mehrvarz. “Fai(lure): Encounter with The Unstable Medium in The Work of Art.” Miscommunication: Errors, Mistakes, and the Media, edited by Timothy Barker and Maria Korolkova, London, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021, pp. 149-162.

Mehrvarz, Mani, and Maryam Muliaee. “Media-as-things: A Nonhistorical Nostalgia Through Failure.” Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia, edited By Ryan Lizardi, Peter Lang Publishing, 2019, pp. 167-188.

Peer-reviewed Articles:

Muliaee, Maryam. “Moving (Recycled) Images: Ruined Archives in Copy Art.” Frames Cinema Journal, no. 19 (forthcoming Jan 2022).

Muliaee, Maryam. “Media-as-things: The Intensified Materiality of Degenerated Images.” Metacritic Journal, vol. 7, no. 1 (2021): 40-57.

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Muliaee, Maryam, and Mohamad S. Fadavi. “Mobile Art: Gypsies’s Caravans.” Peykare, vol. 1, no. 2, (2008): 33-44. (Fa)



Research Projects:

Co-Founder & Editor of MAST Journal, Aug 2019 – ongoing

MAST (The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory) is online, open access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to interdisciplinary research and practice in media studies. MAST is sponsored by NeMLA, and published by the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Art director, Researcher & Animator, Buffalo Documentary Project, Sep 2016 – ongoing

Buffalo Documentary Project (BDP) explores the techniques and possibilities of oral history through documentary filmmaking. With a focus on communities and individual narrators, this project tells the untold stories and the lived experiences of the city of Buffalo and WNY.

Co-Founder & Member, Media-as-Things Project, Nov 2018 – ongoing

Media-as-Things is an ongoing, collaborative multimedia project devoted to media art and practice-based research. Members are artist-scholars whose work involves themes such as media archaeology, and non-communication aesthetics in media art such as noise, glitch, and tech errors. Collaborations include curated group exhibitions and publications around the project’s themes.

Member, IMNN Research Network, Aug 2019 – present

IMNN Research Network (International Media and Nostalgia Network) provides a working platform for scholars and professionals around the world whose research involves themes of media and nostalgia. Members are from various disciplines and collaborate on different research projects including conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and publications.


Invited Talks / Conferences:

“Let Media Archaeology and Feminism Meet: The Animated Work of Stacey Steers.” online Simpósio Internacional de Cinema e Análise Fílmica, Brazil, Nov 18, 2021 (program)

“Moving (Recycled) Images: Feminist Media Archaeology in Artistic Practice.” invited talk, Visiting Artists Series, Department of Critical Media Practices, University of Colorado Boulder, Oct 2021.

“Feminist Media Archaeology in Artistic Practice.” presented at UB Gender Institute and UB Humanity Institute, spring 2020.

“Media Archaeological Time Machines: A Review of Artistic Works.” presented at 26th Annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference, Binghamton University, NY, Mar 2018.

Off the Path: Unfolding Urban Imaginaries through Xerography.” presented at SMRN workshop with Laura Marks, Squeaky Wheel Media Art Center, Buffalo, NY, Feb 2019

“Heterotopia and Absence Intersections in Art.” University of Arts Poznan, June 2014


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