Recycled Tehran

This work was exhibited as a single channel digital video.

In this piece, I recycled the video’s still images in order to erase the content of the video. The recycled images gradually lose their quality and become grainy towards the end of the video. In this piece, I performed twelve cycles of rematerialization from digital to print and vice versa. The poor image resembles noise and becomes an architectonic thing itself. The low-quality image finds an aura and brings our attention to the intensities within the materiality of the video. On the surface level, the image’s communication effects are disrupted and the affective textures replace the content. In the process of recycling the image, a new place is constructed/mapped in which new memories are invested. The audience who witnessed this process of rematerialization will later recall the place whose image is erased in this piece.




2019 © Maryam Muliaee