Re-Sounding Of A Lost Place

A locative media project (Fall 2015- 0ngoing) 

This project is a GPS-triggered mobile app design that is aimed for an urban, sound-walk experience in the site of a lost place in Downtown Buffalo, New York.

History of the site:

● 1882: The home of Judge Ebenezer Walden, the mayor of Buffalo 1838-1839, then, demolished for the Music Hall.

● 1883: A Music Hall was designed by August Esenwein.

● March 25th, 1885: Fire destroyed the first Music Hall.

● 1887: Construction of the second Music Hall, designed by Richard Waite.

● 1900: The building became known as the Teck Theatre.

● 1933: The theater closed.

● 1945: The building became a movie theater.

● in the 1980s: The rear of the building was demolished to make way for Pearl Street into downtown.

● 1992: The remainder of the theater was demolished.

digital sound map _ by Maryam Muliaee