Heterotopia Practice

light projection & drawing

My drawings are some appropriations of the Lawrence Weiner’s piece in Open Air Park Museum in Verzegnis, Italy, where he made a helicopter landing zone situated right at the entrance of the Marzona’s Garden. I made this piece after a one-week stay as an artist resident in the villa of the eminent collector, Egidio Marzona, at his Sculpture Garden. Reflecting on my observations during this collective workshop and studying of the work including minimalist sculptures and land art (by artists such as Bruce Nauman, Dan Graham, Carl Andre, among others) in the Park, I aimed to bring to the attention that how our memory and imaginations incorporate to our remembrance of a place where we are not present at. 

My work was at the exhibit, Minimalism As A Crime Scene (22 March 2014 – 19 April 2014 ), at Wielka Gallery in CK Zamek, Poznan, Poland. The exhibition was the result of the workshop organized by Dominik Lejman, for a group of six artists who visited Verzegnis, sponsored by art collector Egidio Marzona at his Art Park. The workshop later continued in a visit to Marzona’s home and his archive in Berlin.

Inspired by the Situationist practice and the concept of “dérive,” I tried to map the site. The scratch on the glass was meant to disrupt the viewers’ immediate reading of the representational drawing in the behind. For me, the park was a specific place —resonating with Foucault’s theorization of heterotopia— where one experiences a liminal threshold into a different zone and atmosphere. The park was a heterotopic site where the landscape becomes a blend of both the giant minimalist sculptures and nature, all merged into one inseparable whole changing with your body while moving and navigating the site.