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So happy to be featured in Buffalo Rising for the release of our newest film, WORK (2020).
The full documentary is now available for public on BDP’s website for free.

WORK, a 56-minute film, documents the process of recording the first full-length album of Wooden Cities, a Buffalo-based contemporary music collective. In addition to interviews and footage of the process, we have created an animation, The Price of Oil, to one of the musical pieces, using stop-motion technique, and curating from around 8,000 still images.

#experimental_documentary #experimental_music #experimental_animation

free screening of WORK: October 23rd to 30th!


WORK (2020): official selection in Buffalo International Film Festival 2020

WORK is an experimental documentary film made in collaboration with director Mani Mehrvarz and documents Wooden Cities in recording their newest album. Buffalo International Film Festival is being presented in a socially distanced, cinematically connected, virtual-first format, showcasing more than 100 films, shorts, and episodic series from 20 countries, with over 100 film delegates from across the globe participating! Buffalo International Film Festival (est. 2006) champions regional, national, and international films that push the limits of independent cinema – presenting quality films from around the world to WNY residents and visitors. BIFF, a proud supporter of local filmmaking and the arts, is committed to amplifying diverse voices and exhibiting cutting-edge programming in narrative, documentary and experimental film.

Director: Mani Mehrvarz

Music: Wooden Cities

Animation: Maryam Muliaee

Producers: Buffalo Documentary Project, Wooden Cities, UB Arts Collaboratory



“The Price of Oil” (2019) has been selected by Mexico City Independent Film Festival 2020!


ONLINE EXHIBITION: Embodied Landscape

As an online exhibition, Embodied Landscape consists of a film, a VR/360° view experience, and an interactive website. Check it out! The works now on view at UB Arts Collaboratory Website


Happy to announce that the release of the inaugural issue of MAST Journal: “Mapping Media Studies”!

MAST is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal with a focus on Media Art Study and Theory. Download the issue here: https://www.mast-journal.org/

It is out: Embodied Landscape

Originally planned as part of the Arts Collaboratory spring season of interdisciplinary programming, Embodied Landscape has been reframed by Maryam Muliaee and Naila Ansari as a virtual experience and online exhibition. A collaborative multimedia production, the work is a reflection on Buffalo’s forgotten architecture ….

Watch a video from behind the scene:


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Upcoming Online Exhibition: Embodied Landscape

Opening: May 15, 2020

The Price of Oil (2019): winner of the 4th Annual International Experimental Film Festival “The Unforeseen”!

“The Price of Oil” (2019) was announced as the winner of the 4th Annual International Experimental Film Festival “The Unforeseen” in Belgrade, Serbia. Thanks to CZKD Team and the jury members: Manja Ristić, Ivana Rajić, and Luka Beslagic.
Jury’s Comment: “With an extremely important and present political message, the film, through the dramatization archaeology of media, shows us the deep roots of neoliberal exploitation. The composition of the film equally emphasizes the poetical-typographic, musical, graphic-animation treatment of the structure, in comprehensively successful experimentation with form.”

“The Price of Oil” has been awarded the jury’s “Mention” in the ninth edition of FIVA, the International Video Art Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My recent animation work, The Price of Oil (2019), in collaboration with Mani Mehrvarz (director) and Wooden Cities (music), has been officially selected in the 4th International Experimental Film Festival “The Unforeseen”. The festival takes place at CZKD (The Center for Cultural Decontamination) in Belgrade.

On Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, Prof. Luka Bešlagić (FMK) will give a lecture on what is experimental in film today, and what can be considered an experiment followed by the second half of the competition program. The winner will be announced at the end of the festival, followed by a concert by Manja Ristić.

The Price of Oil (2019), my recent animation work in collaboration with Mani Mehrvarz (director) and Wooden Cities (music), celebrates its World Premiere this December at the FIVA 9 International Video Festival in The General San Martín Cultural Centre in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Juries: Maria Pallier, Gustavo Romano and Jose-Calos Mariategui


Exhibition Opening: In This House
Albright-Knox Northland

Public Opening for Open House

Friday, January 17, 2020  ● 5 pm –  7 pm

Please join us for a free public opening for Domestic Thresholds, an exhibition by Heather Hart, Edra Soto, and Rodney Taylor. This exhibition features projects that explore how people build connections to others both inside and outside the walls of those structures we call home. During the opening, dancer Naila Ansari, media artists Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee, and musician Curtis Lovell will present a collaborative, multimedia art project that will use new media, performance, and live dance to transform the static physical space of the exhibition into a dynamic interactive environment. The audience is invited to experience the work by watching the filmed performance on their mobile phones in the exhibition space.

Art in the Open

Center For The Arts

Oct 24, 2019

Announcing MAST: The Journal of Media Art, Study and Theory

Founded by Maryam Muliaee and Mani Mehrvarz (editors), under NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association) at the University of Buffalo, SUNY.


MAST Journal


This poetic documentary takes you to the spaces where art is made, showing how artists from different disciplines create their works. The full movie is available to watch for free: https://www.liveyourart.org/


So glad that as one of four selected female artists based in Buffalo, I was featured in the film, LIVE YOUR ART!

Official premiere: Sep 15, 12-2pm at Center For The Arts, UB. Free for the public!

Maryam Muliaee

See the event schedule here

featured in UB Arts Collaboratory film series: LIVE YOUR ART

watch the teaser:

Exhibition opening: MEDIA-AS-THINGS

El Museo Gallery, Buffalo, New York (Apr 2019)

Media-as-things exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

Exhibition opening: MAKE.MEDIA.MATTER

UB ART Gallery, Buffalo, New York (Nov – Dec 2018)

Make Media Matter exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

watch the teaser here:


presenting at Squeaky Wheel Media Center, Buffalo, New York (Feb 2019)

SMRN workshop, Maryam Muliaee

Asher (2018)

first official premiere at Cinema 123 midtown NYC, (July 2018)

Asher documentary, screening, Maryam Muliaee

The premiere will be opened by Dr. Candice Williams’s talk at 6:00 pm and will be followed by Q&A after the screening.

Presenting at CTB Conference 2018

26th Annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference: [pl.]: Exploring the Multiple, 16 – 17 March 2018 / Binghamton University


Asher (2018)

selected for screening at Buffalo International Film Festival, (Oct 2018)

Sunday, Oct 7 2018, 9:00 PM
HALLWALLS Contemporary Art Center

Selected for screening at 4th CIFF FESTIVAL (Apr 14th & 15th, 2017)

Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Ithaca, New York

4th CIFF FESTIVAL screening, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at Center For The Arts, Department of Media Study, UB (Nov 2017)



exhibition at Dzyga Galleri, Lwow, Ukraine (2015)

NIE JA / NOT I exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

Borders: Transmission & Transmutation / Granice: Transmisje i Transmutacje

exhibition at Galeria EL, Elblag, Poland (Jan – Feb 2016)

Granice exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

Granice exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at MWBA Contemporary Art Gallery, Leszno, Poland (Oct 2014)

The Limits Of Art exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

The Limits Of Art exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland (Aug – Sep 2014)

Not I / Nie Ja exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at Galeria Aula, UAP, Poznan, Poland (June 2014)

DEPARTURE-ARRIVAL exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

DEPARTURE-ARRIVAL exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

BROTKATZE – Collaborations IV

exhibition at Galerie Kunststück Berlin (May 2013)

BROTKATZE exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan, Poland (Mar – Apr 2014)

MINIMALISM AS A CRIME SCENE exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


premiere at Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan, Poland (June 2013 & Aug 2013)

LUTOSLAWSKI project, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at Hotel Bazar, Poznan, Poland (May 2013)

HOTEL INSOMNIA exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


solo exhibition at Rotunda Gallery, UAP, Poznan (Feb 2013)

ETERNAL RETURN exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


group exhibition at TOUR & TAXIS, Bruxelles (Nov – Dec 2012)

UNEXPOSED is an exhibition of 40 young Iranian female artists chosen among 400 candidates whose creations were never exposed before. This also justifies the title of the exhibition: UNEXPOSED. The exhibition gives to these young women artists the opportunity to demonstrate their work in Brussels, Athens, Warsaw and Tehran.

The exhibition is curated by Fery Malek–Madani (art historian), and organized by Art Cantara. The opening was prefaced by the Minister of the French Community of Belgium at Brussels, and the exhibition was followed by two major conferences:

28 Nov 2012 – “L’Art Moderne en Iran, de son émergence à aujourd’hui”

15 Dec 2012 – “Les opportunités ou les défis d’être femme et artiste dans l’Iran d’aujourd’hui”

In Athens, the exhibition will be accompanied by parallel events (films, conferences, open conversations) and afterwards, it will travel to Warsaw (April-May 2013).


exhibition at Cacoyannis Foundation, Athènes (Feb – Mar 2013)


exhibition at The National Museum of Ethnography, Warsaw (Apr – June 2013)

UNEXPOSED exhibition, Maryam Muliaee

UNEXPOSED exhibition, Maryam Muliaee


exhibition at ELAHE Gallery, Tehran (June – July 2013)

UNEXPOSED exhibition, Maryam Muliaee