Things Coming From A Time I Can’t Imagine (2019-2020)

In this collaboratory project, Maryam Muliaee and Naila Ansari are using film, dance and locative media to reflect on the history of a lost architecture: The Marble Temple. An iconic building of M&T’s former headquarters in Buffalo, the White Marble Temple was built in 1913 on the site of the Townsend Block at 268 Main Street, with four stories high and the interior finished with white marbles. The building was demolished in 1959 and its marble columns were partly preserved: some are now standing at Baird Point next to Lake LaSalle on the University at Buffalo’s North Campus where they were dedicated as a memorial to servicemen and servicewomen; the rest remnants of the columns remain in Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, at the site of Wilkeson Pointe Park.

In two parts, this project presents a film projection at the gallery space and a locative media design to be experienced at Wilkeson Pointe Park. The film features a choreographed performance with the marble stones sharing a unique story that takes on the productive relation between the female body and an imagined landscape. In addition, the visitors are privileged to experience the film and sound composition/narration as a locative media piece on their mobile phone in situ at the Park.

concept & film: Maryam Muliaee

performance & dance: Naila Ansari

director of cinematography: Mani Mehrvarz

an old postcard showing the Marble Temple before its demolition in 1959

Google Map shot showing the marble stones alining the water border
zones of digitally planted sounds and videos

stills from the film

© Maryam Muliaee 2019