Things Coming From A Time I Can’t Imagine

(work in progress)

This is a multimedia project and includes an immersive video mapping-projection in the gallery space, and a locative media project at the site of Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, Wilkeson Pointe Park. The work is entirely inspired by these marble ruins as reminders of a lost place.

These marble stones were once the body of architecture known as The Marble Temple, a former M&T bank in Buffalo, NY, and demolished in 1959. The stones were transported from the site of the original building on Main St to the site of Wilkeson Pointe Park over the past few years.

The sound/video composition for the mobile application and the sound-walk is produced in the course of intensive research, reworking the archival materials (selected from old maps, magazines, newspaper archives and historical film footage and oral history) in relation to the site, the architecture’s history, and the marble stones themselves, as well as a performance-dance in the site of the ruins that was filmed and incorporated to the exhibition piece.

an old postcard showing the Marble Temple before its demolition in 1959
the marble ruins (2019)

Google Map shot showing the marble stones alining the water border
zones where the sounds/videos are planted digitally

© Maryam Muliaee 2019