Maryam Muliaee is a media artist-researcher based in Buffalo, NY. Her work is interdisciplinary, ranging from video/sound installations to experimental films, xerography practice and locative media. She is currently a Ph.D. Fellow in the Department of Media Study at University at Buffalo, SUNY, where she teaches courses in video and sound production, as well as film studies. Her current research/practice and doctoral thesis explore how media can engender fictional places and possible urban imaginaries through feminist tactics. She has been the art director in “Buffalo Documentary Project” since 2016, the co-founder of Media-As-Things Collective with a focus on media art research+practice projects, and the animator in the documentary movie “Asher” (2018). She has been exhibited in various international exhibitions, juried festivals, and screening programs including London, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Poznan, Warsaw, Florence, Brussels, Zagreb, Athens, New York, Buffalo, and Tehran since 2007.