Art and Research Projects/Inquiries:


2014, site-specific project/research (CK Zamek): “Pixelated History”,  Poznan, Poland.


2014, research/practice: “Heterotopia and Absence intersection in art” (MA Thesis), University of Arts Poznan.


2013, site-specific project/research/exhibition: “Minimalism: As A Crime Scene”, Art Park Museum, Verzegnis, Italy.


2013, multidisciplinary project: "Witold Lutosławski Music", CK Zamek, Poznan.


2013, research: “Nietzsche’s Eternal Return and its implications: A redefinition of identity”, University of Arts Poznan.


2012, presentation: “Gypsies’ enigma vs. Joseph Koudelka, Andrei Aciobanitei, and Tamas Revesz”, University of Arts Poznan.


2012, research: “a philosophical review of the concept of animality”.


2010, research/presentation: “Romani’s (Gypsies’) Art and Culture in Eastern Europe: Mobile Art in Caravans” (MA Thesis), University of Tehran.


2008, research: “Still images of Robert Bresson’s films vs. miniature paintings”, University of Tehran.


2007, research/presentation: “Visual Semiotics in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Cinema”, Morakab-Siah Art Studio.