PhD candidate in Media Studies, 2020, University at Buffalo, New York.

MA in Intermedia, 2014, University of Arts in Poznan, Poland.

MFA in Illustration, 2010, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.


Solo shows:

2014, "History and Memory Revisiting", (MA Thesis Exhibition) AT Gallery, Poznan.

2013, "Progression", Naprzecziw Gallery, Art University at Poznan.

2013, "Chord", Intermedia Gallery, ASP, Art University at Poland.

2012, "Eternal Return", Rotunda Gallery, Art University at Poznan.

2010, "The Traveler", (MA Thesis Exhibition), University of Tehran Art Gallery.

2009, "Wanderers”, Elahe Gallery, Tehran.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016, "Granice: Transmission & Transmutation", EL Galeria, Elbag.

2014, "Not I / Nie Ja", Dzyga Gallerii, Lwow.

2014, “The Limits Of Art”, MWBA Contemporary Art Gallery, Leszno.

2014, "Not I / Nie Ja", BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice.

2014, "Departure-Arrival", Galleria Aula, Poznan.

2014, "Minimalism: As A Crime Scene", Zamek Centrum, Poznan.

2013, "Unexposed", Elahe Gallery, Tehran.

2013, "Witold Lutosławski", Wielka Hall, Zamek Centrum, Poznan.

2013, “Drawing Territories”, Naprzecziw Gallery, Poznan.

2013, "Hotel Insomnia", Hotel BAZAR, Poznan.

2013, “Obszary Sunku”, Galleria U Jezuitów, Poznan.

2013, "Brotkatze", Kunststück, Berlin.

2013, "Unexposed", National Museum of Ethnography, Warsaw.

2013, "Unexposed", Cacoyannis Foundation, Athena.

2012, "Unexposed", Brussels.

2012, "Tablo-haye Kuchak" art expo, Aria Gallery, Tehran.

2011, "Intessere", Croatia-Split, Ghetto Gallery, Zagreb.

2011, "Intessere", Tannaz Gallery, Florence.

2011, Momayez Gallery, Tehran.

2010, "Konesh, Bayan, Khalaghiyat", Valli Gallery, Tehran.

2010, Mah-o-Mehr gallery, Tehran.

2010, Figurative Painting, Etemad Gallery, Tehran.

2009, Figurative Painting, Momayez gallery, Tehran.

2009, “From Past to Present”, Day gallery, Tehran.

2008, Figurative Drawing, Laleh Gallery, Tehran.

2007, Figurative Drawing, Laleh Gallery, Tehran.


Selected Juried art Exhibitions and Workshops:

2013, Workshop “Alder Mill”, Poznan, Poland.

2013, Workshop “Minimalism: As A Crime Scene”, Art Park Museum, Verzegnis, Italy.

2010, National Fine Art Festival for Young Artists, Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran.

2010, Exhibition of Selected Artworks of Iranian Galleries' Artists Saba museum in Tehran.

2010, 8th National Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Painting Saba cultural Center in Tehran.

2009, 4th Selection of ‘New Generation Artists’, Homa Gallery, Tehran

2009, United Nations Habitat program, Westminster gallery of London.

2009, 4th Youth Art drawing festival, Sooreh Art Center, Tehran.

2009, Iranian Contemporary Drawing, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran.

2009, 16th Noma selected artists for children book illustration, ILCL, Tokyo.

2008, Workshop in honor of Khoram-Shahr, the Contemporary Museum of Palestine, Tehran.

2008, Exhibition of Selected Artworks of Iranian Galleries' Artists, Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute, Tehran.

2008, 1st Visual Symposium of the City, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran.

2008, Iranian Children Book Illustration Festival, Madrese Art Center, Tehran.

2008, 7th National Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Painting Saba Cultural Center in Tehran.


Awards and Honors:

2014, selected among the eight excellent MA thesis, University of Arts, Poznan.

2010, First Prize, "National Fine Art Festival for young artists", Tehran.

2010, Letter of Praise, "National Visual Art festival", Tehran.

2010, First Prize, "5th Youth Art festival", Tehran.

2010, selected in "Shortlist of Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize", London.

2009, United Nations Habitat Painting Competition, on the occasion of world habitat day, London.

2008, winner of Noma’s Medal Encouragement Prize, 16th Noma Festival for Illustration Children Books, Tokyo.

2008, First Prize, Fajr-Afarinan Fine Art festival, Tehran.

2007, Third Prize, Visual Symposium of the City, Tehran.

2007, First Prize, 4th Youth Art Festival, Tehran.


Work Experience:

2007-present, freelance artist and art director, Tehran and Poznan.

2005-12, Cooperation with different publications as an illustrator for children books and magazine in Iran such as:

IIDCYA (Kanoon) publication

Soroush publication

Shokufe publication


Teaching Experience:

2018, instructor for Film and Migration, University at Buffalo, New York.

2017-18, instructor for World Cinema, University at Buffalo, New York.

2016-2017, instructor for Video Production, University at Buffalo, New York.

Summer 2016, instructor for Storyboarding for Digital Media, University at Buffalo, New York.

2015-2016, instructor for Video Production, University at Buffalo, New York.

2011-2012, teaching assistant for drawing studio, Fine Arts Faculty of Tehran University.

2007-2012, teaching assistant for drawing studio, Morakab-Siah Institute of Fine Arts, Tehran.

2007-2012, instructor for drawing and illustration, personal studio, Tehran.

2009-2010, instructor for drawing, Mannan primary school, Tehran.


Selected Artist Talk, Reviews, Catalogues, and Books:

2011, Artist Talk, TALK Iranian E-magazine of visual arts, Issue No. 14.

2011, selected works of artists in 3rd Fadjr National Festival of Visual Arts, Tehran.

2011, "Youth Art", selected artworks of artists 5th Visual Art Festival, Tehran.

2011, Tandis Biweekly art magazine, on Etemad Gallery Figurative exhibition in February 2011.

2010, selected artworks of young artists in the National Fine Art Festival, Tehran.

2010, "The Line of Memories": selected artworks of contemporary Iranian artists, Tehran.

2009, Illustrations from Asia, Africa, and Latin America 2009; the Prize-Winning Works of the "16th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations", Japan.

2009, "Humankind, Settlement and City": selected artworks of young artist competition on the occasion of world habit day_ London.

2009/2010, "Annual book of illustrations of Iranian artists", Iran.

2008, selected works in 7th National Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Painting, Tehran.

2008, "Your Letter Has Arrived Now", illustration for children books, Kanoon Publication, Tehran.

2008, "Youth Art", selected artworks of the 4th Visual Art Festival, Tehran.

2007, "Prayer Rooster", illustration for children books, Shokufe publication, Tehran.