The project featured classic and neoclassic choreographies set to recorded musical pieces by Witold Lutosławski which its presentation complemented with showcases of visual and multimedia works inspired by Lutosławski’s music. The project provided a platform for confrontation of representatives of different artforms: music, dance, and visual arts. This multidisciplinary aspect was a reference to the multidimensional quality of Lutosławski’s artistic activity as pianist, composer and conductor. The project, meant to become a regular event, aimed to discover and develop the potential of young artists, and to integrate different artistic communities, facilitated an exchange of experiences and the development of international cooperation. Divided into five parts both the choreographers and the authors of the visual setting of the performances, intermission or the accompanying exhibition, coached by recognized authorities in their respective fields. The debuting young artists, representing dance and other arts, had all worked inspired by Lutosławski music. The visual pieces produced acted both as elements of the performances and as a separate part of the event. The project aimed to broaden the audience of Lutosławski’s music and to inspire young choreographers to create classic and neoclassic choreographies set to the music of contemporary Polish composers.

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