Maryam Muliaee is a media artist/scholar, and a PhD candidate in Media Study at University at Buffalo, New York. She got her first Master in Fine Arts, Illustration from Tehran University in 2010, and after moving to Poland, achieved her second MA in 2014 in Intermedia from University of Arts in Poznan. Her early work is mainly several collections of drawing, painting and illustration, selected/awarded in national and international festivals such as 16th Noma Festival in Tokyo, Youth Art, and Youth Art Festival in Tehran, National Visual Art Festival in Tehran, Magic of Persia in London, among others. Her current work is more interdisciplinary, ranges from video/sound installations, locative media, site-specific soundwalks and mapping practices, in which she draws upon themes such as erasure, absence, history, memory, and remembrance. Maryam’s work has been exhibited in galleries and juried exhibitions all over the world, including in Tehran, London, Brussels, Athens, Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Japan, and US since 2007.